Two Upcoming Events: Mini-MBA (8/29 & 8/30) & Sales Training (8/22)

Two Upcoming Events: Mini-MBA (8/29 & 8/30) & Sales Training (8/22)

The 2 Days mini MBA Course

Emerging Transformational Ventures – ETV Global, Inc.  

The Chief Entrepreneur: The 2 Days mini MBA Course August 29th to 30th. Led by Dr. Aaron U. Levy – CEO of ETV Global, Inc.


We have two upcoming events in August; the “2 days accelerated mini-MBA” (4th for this year) and the “1 day Sales Training challenge.” Below are the links to RSVP, register and review the events agenda:

1. The 2 days mini-MBA (August 29th to 30th):  https://bit.ly/2KqsGke

2. The 1 day Sales Training Challenge (August 22nd): https://bit.ly/2LYFRLk


The accelerated and practical courses are designed for business and sales professionals, entrepreneurs, as well as experienced owners/CEOs and challenge you to adapt to new market and social trends, to validate ideas and assess business strategies, develop customize models, simulate growth scenarios, grow your business, raise capital and master the art of the effective sales and closing cycle.  All while balancing a healthy business and personal life.

Join us, sponsor or recommend it, invest in yourself and your team, and take part in this challenge, network and role play with other like-minded professionals.

Feel free to call for any questions and wishing you a great productive week


For information and registration, click here.