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Payroll Processing Services
The PayrollCentric Software provides you with several options to process your payroll:
  • Automatically pay your employees, whether they are salaried or hourly.
  • Import your Time Clock information and eliminate data entry errors.
  • Pay groups of employees with different pay frequencies within the same pay file.
  • Create your own payroll entry template to easily enter your employee pay information.

Check Processing

The PayrollCentric Software offers you many options to administer your payroll needs.  Our commonly used features include, issuing multiple checks for the same employee, an easy to use payroll history check viewer and a single keystroke feature to void lost checks. With PayrollCentric, you also have the flexibility to set taxes, limits, and frequencies on all checks globally or individually per check. Would you like to add a little personal touch to your payroll checks?  Put your company logo or a design on the checks, as well as a global message (up to five lines) to all employees or an individual message to just one employee. In between pay periods, manual checks are easy to create without having to call anyone for help!

Tax Calculator

Our Tax Calculator allows you to enter gross-to-net and net-to-gross check amounts and calculate all taxes for “what if” scenarios, bonus checks or for a manual check calculation.

Agency Checks
Eliminate your accounting department's post-payroll processes by having our system generate all checks to third parties, 401(k) administrators, garnishments and insurance carriers. The system can create a live check or send the amounts via EFT to the appropriate agency.
Multi-Year History
Multi-Year history is maintained for the current and all prior years payrolls processed with PayrollCentric.  We also have the ability to import all previous history processed on Paychex and ADP systems.

Report Writer
This easy to use reporting tool allows you to customize report templates for easy access.   These reports can be viewed, printed or saved to multiple software applications at any time.
Workers’ Compensation
One of our most exciting features is our ability to calculate your worker's compensation premiums based on your actual payroll.  You specify codes, states, descriptions, rates, officer limits, and experience ratings.  The code calculates the earnings based on the rates and generates the appropriate documents to report the amount due.  Run a Worker's Compensation Report and use that to report your premiums and to minimize the headaches of an annual Worker's Compensation Audit.

Time Off Accrual
The Time Off Accrual feature may be used to monitor your employees’ paid time off, vacation, and sick time.  You have unlimited accrual types that can be accrued by the hour, per pay period, or on a specified frequency basis such as per month or annually.  Accrual rates and effective dates for specific employees may be overridden, providing convenience and flexibility. You also have the option of having time off accruals appear on an employee’s check stub, or not.
Labor Distribution and Job Costing
PayrollCentric Software gives you choices for labor distribution.  You may either set up automatic allocation percentages each pay period or you may enter distributions each pay period by line item, for employees whose distributions constantly vary.  This will give you cost allocation for the employer taxes, providing you true job costing figures.

Additional Products

Full Tax Filing Services
Let us eliminate your worries and difficulties in dealing with local, state, and federal payroll tax computation and filing. We process all deposits and filings: preparation of magnetic media filing in all states; tax summary reports; state and federal notifications; and quarterly unemployment notices.

Direct Deposit

As an employer, you can offer your employees the opportunity to have their net paychecks automatically deposited into their bank account. Each employee can deposit their pay in up to 99 different bank accounts. Direct Deposit adds economy and productivity to your payday; it eliminates check signing, special pay arrangements for off-site employees and complications resulting from lost or stolen checks.

Check Signing and Check Insertion
If you prefer to have individual payroll checks drawn against your account, your signature can be pre-applied onto secure pressure sealed checks by PayrollCentric. For total confidentiality and convenience, all checks and direct deposit statements can arrive at your location and ready for on-site distribution or mailing.


Reconciling your bank account against paychecks issued to your employees can be quite a cumbersome and time-consuming task. To help alleviate this process and free up your time to focus on your business we offer NetChecks. PayrollCentric withdraws the entire net pay amount from your bank account, for all live checks, and issues the individual checks out of our PayrollCentric trust checking account.

Debit Card
This card combines the safety and convenience of direct deposit with a purchase-debit card. The employee's pay is electronically deposited into his/her own PayrollCentric Debit Card account each payday. Then the employee can use the card to get cash from a bank, at an automated teller machine (ATM), or to make purchases.

Garnishment Payment Service

The Garnishment Payment Service will provide you the option to have PayrollCentric administer and pay selected garnishments, either by electronic or paper payment, the choice is yours. We can also help you avoid penalties from agencies which require that garnishment payments be sent via EFT.